The older I get, the more I know that I have to live right in the kind of life that I want. This site is a place for my creative project to reach others eyes. I make no claims to the quality or even originality of this work, but it is mine. It is me.

Here you will find my fledgling attempts at poetry, my photography, updates on my travels, my long form fiction projects, updates on what I’m reading and reflections on that and occasional forays into what I’m cooking up in my tea kettle and kitchen.

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My name is Jayme. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1990 and raised under the shadow of the Wichita Mountains. I moved to Missouri to go to the University of Missouri in 2009 and have been in Columbia ever since. I have been so lucky to have been able to collect the friends and experiences that I’ve had since I’ve been here and I can never repay those whose paths crossed mine before I was ready. This is all for you.

You can contact me by filling out the information below. I check my email everyday!